Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Capital Clues game work?

The Capital Clues app will guide you to a number of different places using riddles. When you get to a new location, the app will ask you about a series of questions (usually 4 - 6 per location) that give you the opportunity to score points. Potential points decrease if you answer incorrectly or use a hint. All questions require some type of observation, such as finding a detail on a statue or deciphering a hidden message in an engraving.

You won't want to miss out on playing this game - in our opinion it is one of the top ten things to do when visiting Washington, DC!

How long is the hunt?

In total, the hunt takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. You'll walk about 2 miles (3km).

How far do you walk?

You'll walk about 2 miles (3km) during the game.

Is the game kid-friendly?

Yes! All the questions are observation based so kids can definitely participate. A fraction of questions may require some adult thinking to get started but kids that play still have fun.

What does playing with a game host entail?

Playing with a game host means that someone will meet you and guide you through the game so you're not just relying on the app. The game host will help you get setup to play, share fun facts about the different memorials as you're playing, help troubleshoot any problems, and may provide you with some guidance or clarification if a question is particularly confusing. The game host may try and coordinate multiple teams to play at the same time to increase the competition and fun!

What does playing on my own mean?

Capital Clues is playable on your own through our app. Playing on your own means that you won't have any support in getting the app setup or being guided if one of the questions has you particularly stumped. However, it is totally playable!

What monuments will you see when playing the game?

During the game, we'll go to various places on the east side of the National Mall:

  • Reflecting Pool

  • Washington Monument

  • Vietnam War memorial

  • Lincoln memorial

  • Korean War memorial

  • World War II Memorial

  • Constitution Gardens

The actual order of visiting these memorials is a secret - you'll discover it as you're playing! The app will direct you to these spots using a series of riddles.

What monuments do you NOT see in the game?

Notable monuments that you will not be directed to when playing the game that we recommend you check out while you're in town are:

  • MLK Memorial

  • Jefferson memorial

  • Capitol Building

  • Albert Einstein statue

  • The District of Columbia War Memorial

Are there any restroom stops?

There is a public restroom at the beginning and about about halfway through the tour. However, lines can get pretty long for it or they can be out of order, so we recommend that you use the restroom before starting the game so you don't miss anything.