Play on Your Own

Your smartphone will guide you to the different memorials to solve riddles and clues.

The App

Search for "capital clues" or click the app store button above to download the app

Play directly in your mobile browser

We also have a "web-app" which is a fancy word for web page that feels and looks like an app. Play without any download!

For optimal performance, we recommend saving the page to your home screen:

  1. Launch the web-app on your phone in the native browser (Safari if you're on an iPhone, Chrome if you're on Android)

  2. Click the "do more" button. On iOS its an icon that is a square with an arrow pointing up. On Android it is three dots

  3. Select "Add to home screen"

  4. The web-app will now appear on your home screen like any other app. Open it from the your homescreen so you don't have to see the navigation bar or extra buttons!